Welcome to E-Flora of Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat and established as a modernized twin city for Ahmedabad is named after Mahatma Gandhi, Our Father of Nation. Visualised as a planned city, it is not only the administrative center of Gujarat but is also being established as a Knowledge Hub. The urban planning of this city has witnessed a conscious effort by the visionaries to develop the city as the Greenest Capital in Asia which can be equated to the lungs of Ahmedabad with such a diverse and rich plant wealth. A proactive effort to keep the environs pollution free has only added a wonderful reason for the uniform roadside plantations, thematic and small personal gardens besides large areas set aside by the forest department for greening the city.

Geographically the city is poised for dry and hot climate for most part of the year with a brief spell of monsoon and a relatively mild winter. Awareness of the rich biodiversity in the form of an e-flora was long overdue. A documentation of the existing plants with their description would not only assist in learning and identifying plants but would also help in generating interest in the generation next who are the budding entrepreneurs and / or policy makers of tomorrow.

Present endeavor aims at better utilization of available information about the Flora of Gandhinagar City, a city that boasts of its rich and diverse vegetation wealth since its inception. Alongside the description of the plants, a photograph has been added that would assist in better identification and thereby better understanding. This would not only prepare the generation next but also sensitize one and all to appreciate and conserve our plant biodiversity.