Dioscorea bulbifera

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Photographs by: Dr. Maulik Gadani

  • Botanical Name : Dioscorea bulbifera L.
  • Synonyms : Dioscorea pulchella Roxb.
  • Common Name : Aerial Yam, Air Potato, Air Yam, Bitter Yam, Cheeky Yam, Potato Yam, Wild Yam, Varakand, Vanavel
  • Plant Family : Dioscoreaceae
  • Plant Form : Climbers
  • Occurrence (Sectors) : 15

About Dioscorea bulbifera Plant :

  • Habit : A climber with tubers large, globose or elongate and stem terete, unarmed, glabrous, bulbiferous in the leaf-axils, the bulbils warted.
  • Leaves : Opposite and alternate, variable in size, membranous, dark-green, broadly ovate, acuminate, cuspidate or caudate, base cordate with a broad, deep or shallow sinus, nerves 7-8.
  • Flowers :
    • Male flowers variable in size, greenish or purplish, in short slender (almost capillary), spikes close together or scattered on the branches of crowded axillary slender pendulous glabrous spikes or panicles.
    • Stamens 6, filaments short, anthers minute didynamous, pistillate 3-lobed.
    • Female flowers sessile, in axillary solitary or fascicled pendulous spikes.
  • Fruit :
    • Capsules quadrately oblong, rather broader upwards with a truncate or subcordate base.
    • Seeds winged at the lower end only.
  • Flowering and Fruiting Time : Throughout the year.
  • Significance : Used as a hedge plant.