Kyllinga nemoralis

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Photographs by: Dr. Maulik Gadani

  • Botanical Name : Kyllinga nemoralis (J. R. Forst & G. Forst) Dandy ex Hutch & Dalziel
  • Synonyms : Cyperus leucocephalus Hassk., Kyllinga monocephala Roth
  • Common Name : White Water Sedge
  • Plant Family : Cyperaceae
  • Plant Form : Sedges
  • Occurrence (Special Areas) : Punit Van

About Kyllinga nemoralis Plant :

  • Habit : A small glabrous annual herbs, 7-18 cm tall with fibrous roots.
  • Stem : Tufted, stout or slender, trigonous.
  • Leaves : Usually shorter than the stem, erect, acuminate, flat, 1-nerved, flaccid.
  • Inflorescence : Umbel with 2-5 rays, or capitate with numerous spikelets crowded into a globose or oblong head.
  • Flowers :
    • Bracts 2-5, the longest reaching in well-developed specimens 3.5 in long, broader than the leaves at the base, gradually tapering into a fine point.
    • Spikelets oblong, flat, 6-20 flowered, usually brownish; rachillaot winged.
    • Glumes oblong, keel strong, produced into a recurved beak as long as the limb; sides many-nerved up to near the margin, pale or brown.
    • Stamen 1, anthers small, oblong.
  • Fruit : Nut narrowlyob ovoid, rounded and apiculate at the apex, tapering towards the base, trigonous, reddish-brown, stigmas 3, about as long as the style, capillary.
  • Flowering and Fruiting Time : August-January