Euphorbia milii

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Photographs by: Dr. Maulik Gadani

  • Botanical Name : Euphorbia milii Des Moul.
  • Synonyms : Euphorbia splendens subsp. Bojeri (Hook.) Denis
  • Common Name : Crown of Thorns
  • Plant Family : Euphorbiaceae
  • Plant Form : Shrub
  • Occurrence (Sectors) : 5, 6, 8, 13, 21, 23, 24
  • Occurrence (Special Areas) : Gujarat Forestry Research Foundation, Indroda Park, Ayurvedic Udyan, Van Chetana Kendra, Infocity

About Euphorbia milii Plant :

  • Habit : A small, armed shrub with stem fleshy, with long spines and bluish-white colour and milky latex.
  • Leaves : Alternate, oblong, acute or obovate, mucronate, spines on the branches in pairs, in between each pair of spines, is a reduced branch which bears pairs of small spines. In between each pair of spines a leaf is developed, therefore, the spines are modified stipules.
  • Inflorescence : Cyathium
  • Flowers :
    • Cyathia grouped dichotomously, stalked from the axils of upper leaves.
    • The peduncle is divided into two successively three times and the cyathia are seated on the ultimate pedicles.
    • Each cyathium is supported by two, petaloid, crimson or scarlet, orbicular mucronate bracts which have fused to the involucre in their lower part.
    • The involucre bears at the top margin, 5 broad, rounded glands, alternate, with the glands is a reddish scale or bracteole. Inside the involucre, there are many male flowers, consisting of a stalked stamen with two-anther lobes.
    • Ovary 3-locur, 3-lobed, with one ovule in each cell, styles 3, connate for half their length, each divided into a pair, short stigmas.
  • Flowering and Fruiting Time : Throughout the year.
  • Significance : It is very popular in all gardens.