Dieffenbachia seguine

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Photographs by: Dr. Maulik Gadani

  • Botanical Name : Dieffenbachia seguine (Jacq.) Schott
  • The name is given in the honour of a German botanist J. F. Dieffenbach.

  • Synonyms : Dieffenbachia amoena Bull.
  • Common Name : Dumb Cane, Mother-in-Law Plant
  • Common Name Details :

    It is commonly called Dumbcane because of the poisonous nature of its sap which causes intense pain and swelling of the tongue, if taken orally.

  • Plant Family : Araceae
  • Plant Form : Herb
  • Occurrence (Sectors) : 20, 21, 28
  • Occurrence (Special Areas) : Gujarat Forestry Research Foundation, Indroda Park

About Dieffenbachia seguine Plant :

  • Habit : A robust growing plant.
  • Leaves : Large, oblong, pointed, deep green spots and stripes in bands along the veins and margins with the remaining areas cream or light yellow coloured.
  • Inflorescence and Flowers : The flowers are borne on spadix which are erect, generally white and covered within boat-shaped green spathes.
  • Significance : It is a popular, shade loving plant and generally grown in pots for indoor decoration.