Punica granatum

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Photographs by: Dr. Maulik Gadani

  • Botanical Name : Punica granatum L.
  • Common Name : Dadam, Pomegranate
  • Plant Family : Lythraceae
  • According to the new classification by Hutchinson, this plant is placed in the family Punicaceae.

  • Plant Form : Shrub
  • Occurrence (Sectors) : 1, 4, 22, 27, 28
  • Occurrence (Special Areas) : Van Chetana Kendra, Infocity, Basan, Aranya Van

About Punica granatum Plant :

  • Habit : A small shrub with young branches 4-angled.
  • Leaves :
    • Opposite, entire, lanceolate.
    • The leaves fall off from the young branches which then are modified into thorns.
  • Inflorescence : Solitary or cymose.
  • Flowers :
    • Red-crimson, calyx 5-7 fid, cup-shaped, valvate.
    • Petals 5-7, alternate with calyx teeth, with wavy margins.
    • Stamens many inside the cup-shaped calyx.
    • Ovary inferior, carpels many, in 2 rows, one above the other, surrounded by the calyx, style small, stigma capitate.
  • Fruit :
    • A balausta, globose, brown crowned by the persistent calyx.
    • Seeds many angular, surrounded by pulpy, juicy, white, pink or red aril.
  • Flowering and Fruiting Time : All the year round.
  • Significance :
    • Cultivated mainly for its fruit (juicy aril of the seeds).
    • The fruit rind is given in diarrhea and dysentery.
    • A decoction of the flowers is gargled to relieve oral and throat inflammations.