Scaevola taccada

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Photographs by: Dr. Maulik Gadani

  • Botanical Name : Scaevola taccada (Gaertn.) Roxb.
  • Synonyms : Lobelia frutescens Mill.
  • Common Name : Bhadrak, Bhadraksh, Half Flower, Malayan Rice Paper, Beach Naupaka
  • Plant Family : Goodeniaceae
  • Plant Form : Shrub
  • Occurrence (Special Areas) : Indroda Park, Ayurvedic Udyan

About Scaevola taccada Plant :

  • Habit : An erect shrub with stem and branches terete, thick, pale green.
  • Leaves : Alternate, gathered mostly towards the ends of the branches, alternate, obovate, obtuse, entire, glabrous, tapered at the base into a stout petiole.
  • Inflorescence : Axillary cymes.
  • Flowers :
    • White, calyx lobes 5, the tube about equal in length, accrescent in fruit.
    • Corolla 2-3 cm long, lobes 1-1.3 cm long, spreading, elliptic obovate, the central portion thick and stiff, the margins thin, membranous.
    • Style stout, 2 cm long.
    • Stamens 5.
  • Fruit : Drupe, 2 cm diameter, furrowed with ripe and crowned by the persistent calyx lobes.
  • Flowering and Fruiting Time : June onwards.
  • Significance : Found only in sandy areas.